Healthy Sulphur Free Sugar


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OSulphur-free sugar is cleaned by a process that uses phosphoric acid and phosphate salts instead of sulphur. This process has many advantages over the conventional one. In addition to being a safer and healthier option, this is an eco-friendly process that also enhances soil fertility.


Refined White sugar can be produced in two methods

 1.) One is through Bleaching of Sugar with Sulphur until to remove the Impurities to the desired Level.

2.) And the Second one is through Defeco Remelt Phospho Floatation Process, in which the sugar after it has crystallized is melted all over again and all the impurities are removed without the use of Sulphur. It has no impurities, so its crystals have a natural translucent white color and do not require bleaching.


Advantages of Using Sulphur Free Sugar:

  • Damaging effects of Sulphur derivates such as Sulphur dioxide (SO2) on human health and its consumption in diet in the form of sugar can be overcome.
  • Sulphur free sugar solution has higher pH than sugar with Sulphur. Hence, less acidity it produces in body.
  • Since no Sulphur is used in the manufacturing of Sulphurless sugar, it meets even the strict standards of the European Union on Sulphur Content.
  • No impurities, so its crystals have a natural translucent white color and don’t require bleaching with Sulphur-dioxide like ordinary sugar.
  • Sulphur Content in food is responsible of Colon and Rectum Cancer.

Reason: Normal human being will intake several foods with Sulphur noting that Sulphur content is low for each given product he is in-taking daily, but no measure have been taken to educate them how much Sulphur they can intake per day.